Latina Quotidiano talks about uCare: the Meedox health app!

‘UCARE’, THE FAST AND EFFECTIVE WAY TO TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN HEALTH AND THAT OF YOUR LOVED OWN (Italian): with this title Latina Quotidiano presents our corporate reality.

uCare collects the attention of many.

Designed by Meedox, uCare is the app that helps you to manage your health life. In fact, with uCare no more delays and problems when we forgot to bring the latest reports to the medical visits, no more lost analysis, no more forgotten therapy. And no more expired or finished medicines”.

Many benefits with just one app: uCare!

Anyone with young children or elderly parents (but also pets) knows well that following everyone’s health, as well as their own, is challenging. With uCare you can take care of everyone. In fact, driven by the strong will of the partners, uCare was born with the intention of helping everyone in the management of their own health records and those of their loved ones. If you use uCare only for yourself, the app is free while it is for a fee if you use it as caregiver, for your loved ones. Yes, it’s true, the Premium version has to be paid but why shouldn’t it be? Meedox would like to underline that the price currently on the market is the lowest that has been possible, and wants to cover only the costs incurred for the operation. This is in order to allow everyone access to uCare and be able to appreciate its advantages.

Futuristic project? With uCare it’s already a reality!

To get a more complete picture, perhaps it is good to mention the fact that the young Italian start-up has a much broader project, wanting to create concrete virtual support for the healthcare system and connecting uCare users to doctors, pharmacies and all healthcare professionals that the user may need.

“Starting from the app for everyone, uCare by Meedox, we have put on the ground the first piece of an ecosystem of which dialogue with each other and which bring healthcare up to date” – says the CEO and co-founder Claudio Battiloro. Battiloro goes on to say: ‘uCare allows citizens to move easily within the healthcare system and to always have their own healthcare dossier and that of their loved ones at their disposal, to book medical appointments, to share reports with specialists, to undergo therapy and to share the results with your doctor”.

What is the true nature of uCare?

Meedox does not forget its nature, in fact it was born with the intention of helping. The intent is noble and to achieve it concretely it has implemented a virtuous mechanism. As is known, Meedox has involved some important non-profit organizations in the uCare project (AGAPE Onlus, AISM, CIAI, CIOFS Scuola, OXFAM, TELETHON and VIDES). But how does it work? Simple: those who choose to subscribe to any Premium version of uCare can choose who to donate to. The donation is automatic, you don’t have to pay anything extra. If you decide not to donate, uCare attributes the subscription fee to the non-profit organization that received the least amount. And so Meedox gives voice to its vocation, intrinsic in the app.

uCare is the app that can really help you manage health practice, definitely.

All in one place, no more confusion and wasted time.

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