The Meedox’s team

The Meedox entrepreneurial team is made up of professionals with very different but complementary characteristics. The richness of Meedox lies in the diversity of the team. Everyone contributes to Meedox’s success with what they do best. The common element is passion combined with that spark of genius that defines and distinguishes the Meedox style.

Claudio Battiloro


Filippo Castrogiovanni


Francesca Malaspina

HR Manager

Claudio Mattei


Roberto Miscioscia

Marketing Director

Ciro Cafiero

Legal Director

Meedox is a start up born from an idea we strongly believe in. With our app you too can manage your health data and share them with whoever you want (family members, doctors, specialists, pharmacists …), and you can also do it for your loved ones (children, parents, relatives, pets). But Meedox is much more!

The idea that prompted the shareholders to personally invest in this adventure was born from private needs that the shareholders themselves discovered belonged to everyone. All those to whom the Meedox project is presented are enthusiastic and some even express their intention to participate in the company structure.


Technology at service of health

Meedox is the app that helps you manage your health life and follow therapies in the correct way to stay healthy. With a few simple clicks you can digitize documents, exams, therapies and always have your health documents at your disposal (medical records, appointments, visits, …), allowing you to always have them in order. All in one place, no more mess and waste of time.

Meedox does not solve your problems, it makes your life easier when it seems go wrong. You don’t have to think about it, now there is Meedox!

Meedox - Technology at service of health!