WMF 2022: Meedox with the Lazio Region

Meedox, innovative startup in the Health and Wellness sector, participated in the 2022 Digital Innovation Festival. The WMF – We Make Future 2022 tooks place in Rimini from 16 to 18 June 2022 and was a huge success.

The Regione Lazio, through Lazio Innova, together with the Rome Camera di Commercio di Roma, as part of the Convention for the joint participation in trade fairs and in order to support the regional economic fabric, have promoted the participation of nine startups, including Meedox, at WMF.

Councilor Roberta Lombardi – Councilor for Ecological Transition and Digital Transformation (Environment and Natural Resources, Energy, Digital Agenda and Green Investments) – made us feel even more the importance of being in Rimini these days.

With Councilor Roberta Lombardi (in the middle in the photo), Claudio Battiloro (CEO of Meedox, right in the photo) and Filippo Castrogiovanni (CTO of Meedox, left in the photo) were present for Meedox to introduce the startup to potential partner.

The experience was important and fruitful. Rich and stimulating the environment. Innovation was breathed in and could be touched by hand. Many people, many ideas and many expectations.

For the first time at the WMF nine companies from Lazio are participating together with DTC (Distretto Tecnologico Culturale del Lazio), CRUL (Comitato Regionale di coordinamento delle Università del Lazio) and Roma Startup in the space of the Lazio Region.

Among the nine startups present in the stand of the Lazio Region, in addition to Meedox, there were:

  • Ecosostenibile.eu Sbrl
    Ecosostenibile.eu is the innovative ESGtech startup that accelerates the transition to a low-carbon economy and has created e-CO2, the only SaaS platform that helps companies achieve their ESG objectives, fulfilling compliance but also supporting the path towards sustainability with a full stack approach.
  • Cybertec Services Srl (ComputArte)
    Technology is a tool that must help us live better. The ComputArte project creates and offers FAIR technology: it helps WITHOUT spying. With this project we want to protect, defend and respect privacy, starting from the home.
  • Innovation River Srl
    It develops products and software solutions by relying on constantly updated skills and know-how, and strengthened by participation in research projects in Europe.
  • Brochesia
    It develops intuitive Augmented Reality solutions available on Smart Glasses, smartphones / tablets and PCs, to facilitate remote collaboration in different fields and for the planning of several activities, to find the best solution to a problem or work together.
  • Beam Digital
    They can build, integrate or develop anything with dedicated teams to different environments collaborating with the aim of finding the perfect synergy between them.
  • Business in Cloud (Social Academy)
    Business in Cloud is the Italian Knowledge Commerce platform for creators and professionals who want to transform their skills into a digital business, without going crazy with technology.
  • Kay System Italia Srl
    Kay Systems Italia adheres to the most important international corporate standards, guarantees high organizational levels, manages information technology security and promotes the company’s ethical and social commitment.
  • Tixter Srl
    Fintech company operating in the world of investments for the cinema and audiovisual industry.
  • Last but not least there is Meedox, innovative startup in the Health and Wellness sector. Meedox is the first Digital Health System based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) designed to accompany the patient and more generally the care-giver throughout the medical process. Meedox Health has been designed to have an intelligent and easy-to-use user interface. Our goal is to make everything related to the health of the Meedox user easier and allow him to have his medical history in a single app, that of his loved ones and pets, all in a patient-centric vision. But Meedox is much more! If there is a medical problem to be solved with Meedox it is easier! Digital Health System. Don’t think about it, now there is Meedox!

Councilor Roberta Lombardi headed the nine startups and organizations representing Lazio’s innovation and dedicated specific moments to all the projects of Lazio companies exhibited in the space of the Lazio Region.

On the “Future of Italy” stage dedicated to the Regions, Councilor Roberta Lombardi represented the regional innovation system both on the opening day, Thursday 16, by participating in the round table “Territorial development: innovation and sustainability in regional PNRR plans” which the following day, Friday 17th, moderating the event “Regione Lazio Ecosystem for Future”, a space entirely dedicated to the skills of our productive fabric that have distinguished themselves on the themes of innovation and sustainability.

Meedox, innovative startup from Lazio, immediately aroused interest with other startups. The sector in which it operates is not easy, healthcare is an area of ​​central interest and the considerable complexity that characterizes it together with its indisputable social relevance makes it a very delicate sector. Meedox has the concrete objective of strengthening the healthcare sector and making it increasingly lean, fast and safe.

Returning to daily operations, we are increasingly aware that Meedox is a reality that has a very high potential and can make the difference, and this awareness encourages us to do better and better.