FASTART is Meedox’s partner for the distribution of uCare in Italy

It’s November 2022 and Meedox launches uCare: the app for health!

FASTART is with Meedox because believes in the project, in its implementation and in the team.

Meedox has chosen FASTART as Golden Partner for the distribution of uCare by Meedox in Italy thus helping to improve everyone’s life!

FASTART as the official reseller of uCare subscriptions (Small, Medium and Large) offers uCare as a corporate welfare product.

What are the benefits if you use uCare?

Definitely many. To give some examples, today, if you have uCare, with a few simple clicks you can archive health documents, follow a therapy with reminders in the app, have your medicine cabinet. While, with the next releases, you will be able to book a medical visit (including a specialist one), order medicines from the pharmacy (even with home delivery), activate telemedicine, and many – really many – other services all connected to health that you can always access if you have uCare.

You will also be able to do all this for those you take care of (young children, elderly parents but also pets). To do this you will need to activate the Premium version which is paid. We have kept the prices at the lowest limit to allow everyone to be able to fully use the app.

By offering uCare to your employees you can really make their health life easier!

The uCare’s team works every day to enhance the application and to offer more and more services in order to implement the broader Meedox project involving doctors, pharmacists, healthcare professionals and many other figures in the healthcare sector. Furthermore, the whole system is built in full compliance with current regulations on Privacy (GDPR compliance).

With uCare by Meedox, your employees will be able to take care of their health quickly and easily: many health and wellness services in a single app.

You don’t have to think about it, Meedox is here!

This is Meedox’s slogan, because we know that health shouldn’t be a thought.

You too, adopt uCare as a welfare solution for your employees!

Download uCare by Meedox or sign up from pc!

We work every day to create your digital health network.