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Meedox Health is for you!

Meedox is the app that helps you manage your health life and follow therapies in the correct way to stay healthy. With a few simple clicks you can digitize documents, exams, therapies and always have your health documents at your disposal (medical records, appointments, visits, …), allowing you to always have them in order. All in one place, no more confusion and waste of time. Meedox does not solve your problems, it makes your life easier when it seems go wrong.

You don’t have to think about it, Meedox is here!

Are you a doctor? Meedox Medicine is for you!

Whether you are a general practitioner or a specialist with Meedox Medicine you can make a teleconsultation by appointment from Meedox Health users. You will be able to view the documentation that users have shared to get the general picture of the patient’s health. You will be able to make yourself available to book a visit in person or in remote. By hiring the right Meedox instrumentation (telemedicine kit by sector) you can assist your patients with the help of a health worker available from the Meedox network. Follow us to find out more!

Meedox Medicine is much more!

Are you a pharmacist? Meedox Pharmacy is for you!

The pharmacy has the possibility to have its own profile, to be visible and reachable on the Meedox Health platform by registered users, therefore also from a geolocation point of view. The user may, in relation to his needs or the therapies he follows, book and order drugs, parapharmaceuticals, material for medical use, products that the pharmacy will want to make available as cosmetics. By creating an order you can pay by going to the pharmacy to collect and pay, or by home service if the pharmacy has activated the service in your profile.
But more important and innovative is the possibility that the pharmacy has to offer telemedicine services! Follow us to find out more!

Meedox Pharmacy is much more!

Are you an healthcare executive? Meedox Hospital is for your healthcare falicity!

The healthcare facility can purchase telemedicine tools to realize visits with professionals who are not phisically in the facility and can purchase specialized AI modules (as well as Meedox Medicine) for the interpretation of diagnostic data (at this moment the self-diagnosis for the cardiologist for the echocardiographic examination). Therefore, both the hospital and the cardiologist can add the Cardiology module which provides the automatic evaluation / collection / interpretation of the data collected during the echocardiographic examination. Follow us to find out more!

Meedox Hospital is much more!

Are you a principal or a head teacher? Meedox School is for your school!

The school will be able to access certain information subject to the authorization of the students’ parents, minors and adults, because by school we mean of any order and grade (from kindergarten to university). The school will use this platform completely free of charge, both public and private. With Meedox Health, parents will also be able to indicate the school attended by the child. In this way, the school will automatically have useful information for each child for whom authorization has been given. The information displayed relates to allergies / intolerances, vaccines done and to be done, pathologies (indication of any drug administration for which a manager must be indicated by the school) and certificates of healthy and robust constitution and certificates after illness which will result in Meedox a once uploaded by the doctor who released it or by the parent. Follow us to find out more!

Meedox School is much more!

Are you a business executive? Meedox Welfare is for your company!

The company will have the opportunity to have a profile on Meedox to offer the use of Meedox Health (this welfare service) to its employees, in particular the company will have a code with which its employees can register with Meedox. In addition, the company will be able to communicate the emails to be credited to Meedox from collaborators or even customers to whom it will want to give 1 month of free Meedox Health as a gift. Follow us to find out more!

Meedox Welfare is much more!



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