The Italian Multiple Sclerosis Association (AISM), together with its Foundation (FISM), is the only organization in Italy that has been intervening at 360 degrees on multiple sclerosis for over 50 years: it directs, supports and promotes excellent scientific research, guarantees the services and treatments necessary to ensure a better quality of life for people with multiple sclerosis and affirms their rights.

The progress of research has allowed more and more early diagnoses and today we are therefore also talking about pediatric multiple sclerosis: of the more than 130,000 people affected by multiple sclerosis in Italy, 10% are under the age of 18.

AISM therefore launched the Move for KiDS campaign with the aim of raising funds to support welfare activities and Scientific Research Projects aimed at children and their families.

By choosing to support AISM, Meedox will donate a portion of the amount paid by the user for the subscription and for each renewal of the subscription to the Association and will concretely contribute to support:

  • studies on pediatric multiple sclerosis to investigate the causes of genetic and environmental factors that contribute to increasing the risk of contracting multiple sclerosis and to understand how age changes the way it manifests itself clinically;
  • creation of a multiple sclerosis register that allows all the data in the possession of multiple sclerosis clinical centers to be shared in order to define new protocols valid throughout the Italian territory dedicated to children;
  • psychological support, discussion groups, dedicated information for the child and the family.

By choosing Meedox you too can make your contribution to support AISM’s Move for KiDS campaign.

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