Agape Onlus” is a non-profit association that aims to pursue exclusively social solidarity purposes and to bring benefits to people in a state of poverty and physical, mental, economic and family discomfort. In addition to dealing with food distribution, the volunteers listen to the assisted and promote their human and professional training.

Food distribution

Food aid is essential and the first step to help those who need it most.


Thanks to our volunteers who carry out support activities for free and spontaneously.


Thanks to your help, large or small, we are able to support many causes in favor of those most in need.

Legal, fiscal and health assistance

Volunteers who, where possible, carry out their profession free of charge in favor of disadvantaged people or non-profit associations.

Social assistance and charity

All the needy who are unable to work and without the necessary means to live have the right to social assistance.

Training and access to the world of work

Together with the collaboration we have with the various entities present in the area in which we operate.


If you need help, ask!
Don’t worry, we are here to give you a hand, a support for you, your family or for those you care about most!

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