Meedox launches uCare: the app for health!

uCare: what is it about?

The time has finally come for Meedox to launch uCare, the health information management app. uCare by Meedox is the application, both mobile and web, designed for the needs of the most demanding user.

With uCare you can store health documents quickly and easily so you can always have them available and in order, you can have a clinical profile that can be shared, and also follow a therapy (with reminders in the app), it is also possible to have your own medicine cabinet.

Finally, if you also have to take care of your family, as happens to all mothers of young children or children of elderly parents, all this can also be done for your family members, simply by activating the Premium version.

Have you ever looked for a medical report and not found it? Or skip therapy? or still going to the specialist and not having the required health documentation with you? With uCare by Meedox you can let your app take care of everything!

Don’t think about it, there is Meedox now!

What is Meedox?

Meedox is an ecosystem of health applications designed to virtually create a system that makes life easier for the user, for those who manage health care activities for themselves and their loved ones (young children, elderly parents and pets).

uCare is the app for everyone and is part of the ecosystem with which Meedox wants to connect users with doctors (general practitioners and specialists), with pharmacies, with healthcare assistants, with hospitals and with the whole universe of healthcare.

In the next releases with uCare it will be possible to:

  • book specialist visits or visits with your general practitioner (in the office, at home or in telemedicine),
  • buy medicines in app,
  • share health documents with insurance institutions,
  • manage health information also for pets,
  • … and so on.

Download uCare by Meedox or sign up from pc!

We work every day to create your digital health network.